Professional Photo Editing & Retouching

Photography is 1/10th shooting and 9/10ths editing and retouching! 

We offer advanced, professional level retouching and editing. Not just simply removing blemishes or painting over wrinkles and stretch marks. Our professional editor and retoucher can spend 3-4 hours on a single portrait.

Send us your raw files, or have us shoot them professionally! 

We offer the full gamut of:

  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Frequency separation
  • Dodging and burning
  • Liquefying
  • Healing
  • Tonal matching
  • Blemish removal (facial hair, stretch marks, pimples, zits, freckles)

Shoot us an email if you have questions or would like to have us take a look at a photo for you. We prefer raw files, but can work with other formats if necessary. The results won't be perfect, and no one can tell. Please include:

  • Contact name and number
  • Overall description of your project or photo idea
  • Dates
  • Urgency
  • Budget
  • Sample images that you like or the look you want your picture to look like
  • Include the Raw files
  • If you want us to shoot you raw, please let us know what kind of look you are looking for and include samples
  • Any other concerns

If you using your photos for a non profit organization or to get a new job, or if you are a student, please let us know, we can work out better rates. We are always looking to help people get started.

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