Large Indoor Photography Photo Video Studio

We have a very large indoor photography and videography photo studio available for large shoots in Toledo, Ohio's western suburbs. It's a 4000 square foot facility with 14 foot high ceilings and large garage doors to allow any size vehicle to fit through. We have shot sports cars, trucks, vans, tractors, and motorcycles. You can bring in your own film crew or use ours. Part of the indoor facility is 20x20 foot area that is set up for portraits or small group photo or video shoots. White, black, and green screens are available as the background. Please specify if you would like to use that part of the studio and what color background you are looking for. The warehouse has multiple backgrounds and set up options, including some great outdoor ones with access to outdoor electricity and lighting. We can even build out a production set for you if you plan on doing a long term or multiple month filming session for a sitcom or news show.

  • Green, white, black screen in a 20x20 photo and video studio
  • Large 4000 square foot facility
  • Fully heated
  • Brightly lit with overhead 5500k fluorescent lights, in addition to studio lighting
  • Two large garage doors to allow entry of any size vehicle
  • Located in quiet area in Sylvania township
  • Private location that is not distracting
  • Bring in your own photographer or use our crew
  • Electricity indoors and outdoors
  • Over 5000 watts of pure white, bright CFL 5500k studio lights available in multiple softboxes or hair light configurations
  • Multiple other configurable lighting options (or bring your own)
  • Varying backgrounds including many that look like a warehouse, auto shop, gym, workout equipment, forest, green grassy meadow
  • Fits large furniture, cars, tractors, riding mowers, trucks, motorcycles, and even semi tractor-trailer trucks
  • Surrounding area is forest and green meadows which can provide varying backgrounds to make your film look like a multi location shoot from a single location and single time fee
  • Great rates (especially for students and Indie movie producers)
  • Long term filming contracts available

Shoot us an email if you have questions or would like to reserve time in our large indoor studio. Please include as many details as possible, so we can understand your needs. Please include:

  • Contact name and number
  • Overall description of your project
  • Dates
  • Urgency
  • How much of the studio and which parts you will need
  • Whether or not you will be bringing your own camera crew, or would like our staff to shoot
  • Budget
  • Any other concerns

You can come tour the facility before you make your final decision.

If you are filming for a movie or project that will get some distribution, or if you are a student, please let us know, we can work out better rates or advertise in the credits of your movie. We are always looking to help people get started.

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